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Dispute over Scarborough Shoal

If not for China’s poaching and endangering marine wild life, I would say Scarborough Shoal would be in good hands with China. They do it until now and to remind you, many times China was caught doing these illegal acts over and over again inside the Philippine seas! How would you know that the natural resources of the shoal would be properly handled if China is doing illegal things over some country’s waters. I mean,  what respect and justice for marine life would there be left if the shoal is China’s? I’m not saying the Filipinos are not doing illegal things with marine resources, they do too. But I’m just saying, after this whole debate and attention to the shoal, the Philippines would know how to handle things properly.

I just hope that the Philippines would totally win over this issue because the island is really ours. UNCLOS declared. China? They say their super ancient dynasty owns it. But maaaaan… I think they only own it by word. I don’t think they even have title of property (if that’s what they call in owning local property).

It’s also frustrating to see that they are taking advantage of the Philippines’ lack of “guard” over it’s waters. Yes, the Philippine government also has the blame. But what’s ours is ours. China should get off our waters. If they really want the island, they should accept the invitation to the international court.Or China, just accept the truth, SCARBOROUGH SHOAL IS OURS.

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